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Recorded Music


Dace' and The Breaks - 1992


No More Tears - 1984
(not the Ozzy Tribute Band)
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Rhythmatic Nomad

 Here is the broad range of styles and influences Mark is well
known for. Find the inside grooves of Latin samba; the down-
hominess of country western; the strength of rock balladeering and the touch of a true love song. Is that a pitch, or what? Yeah Looking for a few good catchers, looking for definitive acoustic rock.

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Home is Where the Heart Is 
In A Heart Beat 
Everything Changes 

 Falkland Holiday


 The heart pumps up movement as Mark Dacey & his mates translate his soul into pure solid rock , barely controlled and rooted inside interwoven layers of  primal rhythms. Thumping pulsing songs about loneliness, fear, hipocracy, love and death. A thoughtful maniacal grouping.  

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Surest Way To Heaven
You Can't Walk The Streets
Why Do You Say That


No More Tears
(not the Ozzy Tribute Band)
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 Mark Dacey, Chris Boylan, Rudy Corona, Ed Walker and once upon a time Rick Crane were banded together in the New Wave Eighties inside a dream that almost came true. The band, No More Tears, went to the dance floor of groove and stomped it's way into New York City's hottest clubs and concert halls, openning for Billy Idol and Bonnie Raitt before burning out super nova inside a typical record biz black hole. They never would have gotten as far as they did had it not been for Michael Myrose who tried to lead them to water. Here they are, frozen in time crystalized in a piece of musical amber.

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Judy Doesn't Cry Anymore
Burn Like A Fire 
You Can't Walk the Streets
Someone You Once New 
Live at the Dirt Club

Dace' and the Breaks

Blue Sparks and Tears melt into another generation of edgy rock n roll. Recorded in Tim Carbone's garage one very hot July 1990.

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One Good Reason
Hard to Find
Just Half Way
All Good Things Must Come To An End

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